Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hannibal The Conqueror Movie

Hannibal MovieEver heard about Hannibal? No, not that crazy Hannibal Lecter the serial brain-eater played Anthony Hopkins. We're actually talking about Hannibal the conqueror: the leader of the military forces of Carthage that fought against Rome in the Second Punic War. Hannibal, who almost overpowered Rome, was considered Rome's greatest enemy. He's most well known for having led his army and war elephants(!) through the Alps to surprise and conquer his enemies. For his feat, Hannibal is remembered as the greatest military leader and strategist of all time.

Well Actor Vin Diesel (yep, the guy from the Fast and Furious movie series) is fascinated by Hannibal's life. And he has wanted to produce a movie about Hannibal for many years. He's even considering a trilogy. But so far, the first Hannibal trilogy hasn't been endorsed by any studio yet. And without the right budget, Vin Diesel can't bring his dream to life, at least for now.

"A Carthaginian general leads an army, complete with war elephants, across the Alps to attack Rome in the 3rd Century BC."

But Vin Diesel seems determined to carry out the project. He has apparently been scouting locations, and has even recently met with Director Tony Scott (in August 2010) regarding Hannibal:

I told you about a meeting with a director in LA, I said it was important and I would explain later… well the Director I met was Tony Scott, I had met his brother for something a long time ago… but I had never met him. I have always been a fan of both of their work…
Well this meeting was exceptional. We talked about Hannibal and the Punic Wars and how by nature the story demanded three movies. The first movie centering around Hamilcar, Father of Hannibal and the Defender of Africa, in the First Punic War. He said he would get our friend Denzel to play Hamilcar. Haha, very super cool… Denzel is a friend, whom I admire and who has given industry advice that I use to this day.
Him playing Hamilcar and for Tony to Direct… exciting to say the least.
Actor Vin Diesel

Nothing set in stone yet though... Well let's pray for the movie Hannibal to enter into production in a not too distant future!